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Kartell by Laufen is proud to take part in the London Design Festival which returns for the 16th year in with the aim of celebrating and promoting the City as the design capital of the world.

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Laufen affirms its strength of co-operation and the ability for innovation. In the exclusive setting of the Salone Internazionale del Bagno, the Swiss company specialising in the realisation of complete solutions for the bathroom environment, presented "New Classic", a new project in collaboration with the eclectic Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. More news. Room for indulgence: Its poetic, sensual design brings emotional depth to your bathroom. A creation of the prolific Italian designer, Stefano Giovannoni.

History of Hiidenportti National Park

The metropolitan designs with subtle and unconventional sophistication: A perfect balance: The understated geometrical shapes of the bath lend an air of peace and relaxation. Fingerprint of nature: Its natural forms combine effortlessly to create a harmonious whole.

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The rigid geometry of the ceramic items is tempered by the multicoloured lightness of the transparent plastic elements. A complete bathroom project inspired by the iconic design of Kartell together with the quality of Laufen.

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As multifaceted as life itself: With Lb3, decoration is allowed: A home is not a snapshot of a moment but reflects the diversity of the householder's life, ideas and possessions. Weightless aesthetic: Elegant, inviting and almost weightless objects, the pieces work with simple lines, creating soft yet extremely stable walls. The collection includes a wall-mounted washbasin, a countertop or half inserted washbasin bowl, as well as high-quality bathroom furniture and two bathtubs.

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Function as ornament: Simple architectural lines, extremely narrow edges and fine surface structures make the washbasins of this collection globally unique. A timeless classic, designed for the future: Thanks to the delicate redesign, the elegant pro S is compatible with all pro variants.

Democratic design: Lovingly made: What has been lacking in the midst of our conflicts of late has been a recognition that we are a global family of God. Are we really in such disagreement about human sexuality that we would want to split apart our family over it? On Christmas Eve, I went on a hike in a range of mountains unfamiliar to me.

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Just as the sun was beginning to set I realized I was unsure of exactly how to get back to my car. As I descended I noticed a family frantically searching for their child. I quickly made the connection that the child they are looking for must be the young man I saw off by himself up the slope. I stopped and told the family where I had last seen him. As I finally found my way to the path home in the dusk light, I heard a joyful reunion in the distance of the family and their child.

We may be experiencing uncertainty and division as a church family.

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We feel lost. But we must remember the purpose of our church is to show others the way.

Prehistoric Times

A decade later it was classed as a forest preserve, which was then enlarged in Hiidenportti National Park was established in Palolampi and Kovasinvaara have been added to the area after this. The area is still being expanded. The rich cultural history of the area is also presented in a booklet " Hiidenportti Through the Ages ". The booklet can be found free of charge at Kuhmo Visitor Centre Petola.

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According to a Finnish myth a demon called Hiisi, who lived on Vuokatinvaara Hill, was horrified when he heard church bells ringing when Christianity was first brought to Finland. He first tried to throw two large rocks at the church, but missed. Disappointed, he gathered his livestock wolves, bears, wolverines and lynx and moved to the backwoods of Hiidenportti Hiisi's Gate.

According to tales the ominous round pools at the bottom of Hiidenportti Gorge are Hiisi's eyes. Hiidenportti Menu. History of Hiidenportti National Park. Prehistoric Times Hiidenportti was formed when the earth's crust folded. At its deepest the drop is 20 m and the rock-face is sheer.