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There was a period of time, roughly through , when second-rate capacitors flooded the market, and the failure rate for G5 Power Macs, eMacs, G5 iMacs, and many PCs as well was quite high. Power Mac G5 failure was so pronounced that MacInTouch collected data from users and published a report in June sharing their findings. They were not good. Bear in mind that the Mid models were three years old when the results were published, while the dual-core G5s had been out just nine months.

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Since then, all of these Macs have aged, and the so-so capacitors have grown worse over time. Someone who works with electronics regularly should have no problem helping you identify failed and failing capacitors. In many cases, you can probably get them fixed very reasonably. We include the model indentifier and Apple item number as well as the power supply. It took the MacTracker app, Apple tech specs, and some sites that sell these power supplies to put all the pieces together for you.

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In short, there are only four different power supplies. The W is used in all single-processor models and in the Early dual processor machines except for the 2. The W is used in dual processor and models and the 2. So there you have it, all the Power Mac G5 power supplies in one handy table. I found a use 1. Quality electrolytic capacitors should have a service life of around years before they go out of spec. That is, the capacitance changes by more than the tolerance listed for the part, not that the part actually leaks or fails. I suspect the problem is either Apple is cheating by using cheap Chinese junk components or they are running above the rated temperature to get the slimmest possible design, or maybe both.

Pay the extra money and use high-quality European or Japanese parts, such as Panasonic or Nichicon.

MacInTouch Reader Reports

Concensus seems to be that pretty much the entire industry was using Chinese junk capacitors. The last two images show another version of the LCS out of the computer in the G5 with off-center views to show the 8 screw holes. The sleeves around the 6 screws may hold it in, if so just take a pair of needle nose pliers and gently squeeze the sleeves until it releases. Pull the bottom, then side towards the bottom of the CPU case, first to move around the bottom coolant sleeve around the heat sinking bracket.

Here are the standoffs without the cooling unit installed to make it easier to understand where the screws are located. Remove the bottom 2 standoffs so it is easier to remove the power supply. Check the pin connections for any damage. All the pins highlighted in yellow should appear straight up and not appear bent.

A bent pin will result in your computer not powering on. Locate the power supply in the Apple G5 computer. It is located under the metal plate at the bottom of the computer case. Unplug the cord that is located below where the cooling unit was. To do this, pull outwards. This will require some bending, be sure not to bend the metal too much to prevent damage to the metal.

Pull the metal cover up slightly and out of the computer to prevent damage to the logic board. The bottom of the computer should look like this when removal of the power supply is complete. I did not complete this guide. I followed this guide to replace the PSU in my 2x2. I'd like to add that my machine didn't boot right away, I needed to reset the SMU on the main Logic board several times and I also re-seated the RAM chips which seemed to cajole the old beast back into life.

Many thanks to the team for posting this ifixit guide. Finally - I would also like to add that this guide shows the CPU unit of what I think is one of the crazy liquid-cooled G5s that made a brief appearance in the Powermac range. The same steps still apply for the more common air-cooled models. The only difference being that my machine's CPU units were secured on their mountings with Allen-key type screws - not Torx screws. Doing this repair was not as difficult as you might think, I managed fine and I'm not a tech specialist. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Adam and 8 other contributors.

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Difficulty Moderate. Steps Time Required 45 minutes. Sections 5. Flags 0. Introduction This guide will detail how to remove the Apple G5's main power supply. Tools Buy these tools. Step 1 Side Panel. Add a comment. Add Comment.

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